3 Point Landscape Rake Uses

However, there are similar designs that date back to the 16th century and beyond. In fact, we know that rakes were commonplace in ancient times because they are featured on scrolls and walls in Egypt. Ancient rakes were made entirely of wood, but eventually, Romans learned to create metal prongs and they added them to the ends of rakes. These artifacts have been recovered from the Roman empire.

landscape rake leveling lawn

The top of the head is flat for use in leveling and grading. The wrap-around bracing makes this a very strong design that should last for many years. This rake features a hardwood handle that is extremely tough, and flexible, which might not make it the best choice for heavy-duty work. It is, however, perfectly suited for use in leveling and contouring soil and many light cleanup tasks. Landscape rakes are generally used to level ground, spread out ground coverings, and improve the overall quality of large areas of ground.

Can Sand Be Used To Level A Lawn?

If rainwater runs toward your home, the water will accumulate around the foundation walls. Seeping through foundation walls and filling your basement with water. Get easy-to-understand, actionable yard tips that will give you the greenest grass on the block. Another 36-inch rake, this one from Bon Tool holds up well and gets the job done.

A good landscaping rake should be strong enough that you can use it spread out gravel or rocks to help you create new paths, walkways, and driveways without breaking. Now that you have your garden are all dug up, you need to level it and remove any rocks, roots, weeds, and other debris. The rake is also used to level the soil and prepare it for planting.

What Time Of Year Should I Level My Yard?

I’ve been using this push broom squeegee for leveling. It’s worked well for my small lawn, probably not as good as a leveling rake but its $15. The wisest strategy when it comes to preventing the nasty bumps and pits in your lawn is keeping the yard thick and lush. Practice regular aeration, proper fertilizing, and smart overseeding. Address any pest issues prior letting them get out of hand.

landscape rake leveling lawn

Bamboo, which is a lighter material and therefore more gentle, is best for raking flower beds. This is the rake Mr. McGregor was always using to chase Peter Rabbit. Primarily for leveling dirt and mulch, a quality garden rake is a necessity for any gardener. Just be careful not to leave it carelessly laying around the yard – a broken nose will only make outdoor chores more burdensome. If you’d like a narrower landscaping rake, Razor-Back offers this one that will do the job.

Lawn Leveling Rake To Choose In 2021, Lawn Leveling Guide

Similar in size to a trowel, a hand rake is best for detailed work. Flower beds, for example, need to be cleaned up with care not to damage the plants. This little guy will let you maneuver in and out between your flowers. Garden rakes may be easily confused with landscape and tarmac rakes. Landscape rakes look similar but have a wider head and are intended for bigger jobs, such as smoothing out the infield on a baseball diamond.

Ask Angie’s List: How much does yard leveling cost? – Sioux City Journal

Ask Angie’s List: How much does yard leveling cost?.

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They work by scraping down the roof and pulling down the snow, ice, or piles of leaves that are located there. When used correctly, they can help ensure that the roof is not in any danger of damage from ice or standing water and can relieve the heavy weight of snow. They have very long handles, so the user isn’t in danger of pulling anything down on top of themselves when they use these rakes. This is a very specialized type landscape rake leveling lawn of rake that most people won’t have unless they have a pond on their property that they regularly take care of. These can also be called “aquatic weed rakes” or “pond rakes,” and are designed to remove the algae and weeds that grow in bodies of water. Many come with a very long handle that makes it easy to use them either from shore or in a boat, while others have significantly shorter handles but are attached to a rope.

Why Buy A Lawn Leveling Rake?

They manufacture a wide range of garage, home, and shop products for both professionals and ordinary consumers. The tool is also useful in pasture renovation, root raking, and the incorporation of herbicides as well as paddock maintenance, among other uses. I have worked as a landscape designer, and on multiple occasions, at job sites, we used this chain harrow. It served very well, especially in the preparation of the land before planting vegetation such as flowers, trees, and shrubberies.

landscape rake leveling lawn

The goal is to ensure that you feel a sense of balance when using this particular tool. Long days raking, especially when the weather is poor, can result in you losing your grip on your rake. This makes it easy to switch between raking and other yard work without having to deal with putting on gloves or drying off your hands. Non-slip grips are also very popular on roof rakes, as you will be out in the snow or rain in such situations and do not want to lose control of the rake. Bamboo rakes are very strong, although they are not quite as strong or brittle as plastic rakes tend to be.

The ground is usually very soft because of the snow-melt, which could result in new bumps if there’s too much traffic. Do not attempt leveling in the winter when the grass is dormant. Sand-soil mixes, on the other hand, come in a variety of compositions, or you can mix them yourself.

In this section of the article, we’ll be walking you through step-by-step how to keep your lawn healthy and grass looking great. Secondly, if you’re working on a budget or simply don’t fancy shelling out hundreds of dollars for sod, then seeding the leveled area is the way to go. This is done by using a tiller, which will essentially break up the top 3/4 inches of soil, leaving it loose and easier to work with.

Options For Leveling Topsoil?

But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. How to build a leveling drag for your landscaping jobs. In fact, you can squeeze out extra soil-working and landscaping functionalities from the tool with slight customization and the inclusion of proper attachments. When set to the correct angle, it will probably cut through mats of decaying roots and stems found beneath the soil and old grass clippings lying around the grass stem. This equipment can make your dethatching job much easier and even more fun. Scarifiers– a wide scarifier helps rip up hard-packed earth.

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Get the Most Out of Your Stand-On Skid Steer Attachments : CEG.

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If you’re looking for a yard leveling tool that is very easy and quick to set-up, nothing might beat Glory Lawn Leveler Tool. Apart from the said feature, it saves both your money and lawn. The rake head, measuring 17 by 10 in , can flatten a fairly wide area. Manufacturers design its handle to be ergonomic, which can fit among any people despite their height. Like other leveling rakes, it also works efficiently in distributing soil, breaking clods, and smoothing the surface. This soil leveler has a handle made from stainless steel.

Difference Between Landscape Rakes And Lawn Leveling Rakes

Standard Golf Levelawn has a wide head and long handle. Rocklin Industry Levelawn Tool might not be a good choice if you’re quite new in lawn leveling. These materials have a double welding layer, resulting in a top-quality product.

On the side of the house, would it make more sense to level with sand and create a rock garden? I’m also thinking of adding rock all along the perimeter of the fence so I don’t have to raise the ground too much. After reading this article, I hope you can appreciate my lawn leveling obsession, and perhaps learned a few things. Also, check out my recommended gear section here for all the tools and products I use. For the slightest of bumps (less than 1”), it may be possible to flatten them by stepping on them during the spring months when the ground is soft. Fill the roller about a third full of water and go back and forth over the lawn.

Dry leaves are lighter, making them easier to handle, and are less likely to stick together, decreasing your chances of tine buildup. Storing your rake in a garage or shed keeps it protected from the elements. This increases its lifespan, as it prevents sunlight from cracking fiberglass handles and moisture from rusting metal handles and warping wooden handles. After finishing our tests, we rated each rake based on its ease of use and comfort using a scale of 1–5. Extra features like adjustability and grip material, along with the handle’s length and the head’s width, factored into the ease of use score. The comfort score was based on how tired our arms and hands felt after performing each task.


Designed with care and attention to detail, so as to ensure your job is as easy as possible. This professional landscaping tool takes the strain, rather than your back. Our handy landscaping tool makes levelling your lawn a breeze. Lightweight and easy for all to use, whether at home or in a professional capacity on golf courses or sports venues. TheRazor-Back is made from heavy-duty aluminum with a 36-inch head and an extra strong 66-inch long handle.

I’m planning on doing exactly that next summer/late spring. I have an I beam I’ll be dragging around to smooth it out. The trick is to have something really long like 8-12 feet to span the dips and you’ll get a better finish. In the spring, I rolled the lawn with a lawn roller and it really helped to smooth it out. After aerating, I used good commercial granular slow release fertilizer and it thickened the lawn significantly. I have been applying it every 60 days and his lawn is much improved.

  • If I ever have a similar job again, I’ll probably do it the same way.
  • After compiling a list of rake options, we considered the rake features mentioned in the buying guide.
  • However, they tend to be more versatile compared to leaf rakes.
  • The uneven ground that crumbles easily is high in loam and sand, which benefit more from using a spike aerator.
  • Nevertheless, periodic cleaning can alleviate this problem.
  • These rakes are sometimes called “berry picking rakes,” and are very small with a head shaped like a container or little bucket.
  • One such rake is the bow rake, also known as the garden rake.
  • Next, give your lawn a quick trim with your mower, mowing slightly shorter than you normally would.
  • It has a short handle and is more or less the same size as a garden trowel.

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